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Think mouth-watering campaigns that are just as good as truffle tagliatelle in Florence. Or even a bit better. Sorry, Francesco.

We believe in strategy and creativity to unlock the full potential of consumer culture. From #AvocadoToast to #C&CsavedMyLife.


Everybody wants to get the most bang for their buck. We help you here. More than 10 years work experience in advertising have taught us how. #SellMeBabyOneMoreTime


You don’t get a campaign but sans soucis. We’re like your finest wellness retreat in Bali.

Our expertise determines your success from farm to table: research, strategy, concept, production, media buying, analytics and optimisation. Pour in that champagne and turn every day into a Saturday.


We want your content to be creme de la creme. Think the next Mona Lisa. Or the world record egg.

To break through the clutter on social, we need to stand out. We need to entertain yet be hard-selling. Just like the Trojan horse.

Ready to saddle up and go for a ride?


We produce the content for you, upload it and monitor the results to ensure everything is on track. As we have a front seat in the machine room of social networks, we know what works.

And we let the work work for you.


We don’t help you to get followers but fans. We build a social tribe around your brand. Your guardian angels. They support you in any case of critics and watch out for new product drops. They’ll also tell their friends that you’re as hot as a crispy bacon on a Sunday morning toast.


Social media is called social for a reason. It’s about interactions between human beings - not brands. The challenge is obvious, the solution too: With a social-first mindset we serve your community as if we were one of them. We engage them with humorous conversations that let abs burst. #lol

To ensure the high quality of our work, we can’t accept everyone, just like the olympics. Please get in touch anyways and we see what we can do.