MAM, one of the leading brands for baby items worldwide, was facing tough competition from young Instagram brands that were perceived as aesthetically superior to the traditional family business. However, these new brands were offering pacifiers that could lead to tooth displacement.

We had to shift the conversation from beauty to health. But usually people don’t like being educated…


So we had to be as socially native as possible. Our campaign functioned like a Trojan horse: First entertaining but then hard-selling. We built the prospecting ads around the consumer culture of #MomMoments. Under this hashtag, mothers are sharing real but messy baby stories.

Second, everybody who saw the first creative was retargeted by a set of more educational ads explaining the benefits of MAM soothers on a baby’s health.


The campaign did not only put a smile on our client’s face but also on the face of many healthy babies. The MAM stories outperformed the average ad account results by far: 100% longer video average play time and 50% higher outbound CTR (retargeting). Most importantly though, the cost per add to cart were 85% cheaper leading to a high purchase intent of our target audience.

To ensure the high quality of our work, we can’t accept everyone, just like the olympics. Please get in touch anyways and we see what we can do.