Lipton Ice Tea:

Full Funnel


Lipton Ice Switzerland wanted to generate leads by giving away Tomorrowland tickets. However, a fragmented media landscape and decreasing user attention are threatening a frictionless customer journey. It becomes almost impossible to generate leads at a first touch.


In order to guide the user through the customer journey, we developed a full funnel and cross-channel media strategy. It functioned like a Trojan Horse. First, we engaged the user with a non-promotional creative. Second, we retargeted everyone who’s been in touch with our social profile and directed  them to our landing page. Third, we ran a final retargeting ad to those who’ve initiated but not completed the checkout process. 


With a middle five-digit budget, we generated more than 20K leads. More importantly though, social was 81% cheaper than SEA and the CPA could even be reduced by 24% throughout the course of the campaign.

To ensure the high quality of our work, we can’t accept everyone, just like the olympics. Please get in touch anyways and we see what we can do.