Bundaberg Germany:

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Bundaberg has been creating craft brewed premium soft drinks from natural ingredients since the 1960s. Although the Australian brand is the market leader in its home country, its hero product – ginger beer – has been almost unknown in Europe due to the crowded market space.


The competition positions ginger beer as a spirit mixer. In order to break through the clutter, we needed to be different. Instead of being another filler, we wanted to be a stand-alone soda. We wanted to tell the story of our love to nature instead of mixology. We wanted to appeal to explorers instead of bartenders.


In Germany alone, the sales skyrocketed by 13% (2018 – 2019). An Instagram engagement rate of 52% sets a new superlative for the industry. Every month, the channel grows by 34% resulting in an ad recall lift of 11K people. The social brand strategy was such a success that it’s been rolled out globally to every single market.

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