Elbreederei Abicht:



Rainer Abicht Elbreederei is the no. 1 in one of Germany’s toughest places: the port of Hamburg. The family business has offered harbour tours since 1926. In 2019, it was finally time to bring the brand’s legacy to social media.


Abicht belongs to the port of Hamburg and the port of Hamburg belongs to Abicht. That’s the brand’s signature story. We wanted to make people feel the beautiful roughness of Hamburg’s main sight. We developed a brand identity thriving at the edge of two cultural momentums: authenticity and Instagrammability. This is what we coined and branded as harbour romance.


Within only one month, the new identity turned Abicht into the top dog on social: The engagement rate on Instagram skyrocketed to 24% (3x better than the average). The channel itself grew by 138% faster compared to the weeks before the launch. And on Facebook, we even acquired 5x more followers than in the previous month.

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